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A conversation from the developer of ndxCards with its customers February 13, 2009

Posted by ahress in About the blog.

This blog is my attempt to establish a conversation between the developers and customers of ndxCards.

This is my first attempt at blogging.  I know that many of our customers are long time readers and writers, and hope that they will encourage me as I attempt to continue this.   Such a blog has been suggested for quite some time, but I was quite content to having these discussions in our customer forums.  But suggestions do have a way of becoming imperatives.

I am hoping to write posts about why the features in ndxCards are the way they are. The idea is take a feature of ndxCards and write about the design choices that were made prior to implementation.  I am hoping that users of the software, or even those who are just contemplating or reviewing the software will participate, and suggest topics for posts.

This is not the place for product support, or marketing quesions – we have updated our website with a lot more information, and e-mail or support forum is the best place for support.



1. Cheenu Srinivasan - March 14, 2009

I would like to see a blog from a high school or university 101 teacher in any of the writing intensive subjects suggest how they have gone about using ndxCards in the class room.

Given that cut and paste – plagiarism – is an area of academic concern, it would appear that a more systemic use of ndxCards where an essay or paper is built from notecards used in conjunction with your outlining tool would address some or all of these issues.

Your views?

2. ahress - March 14, 2009

We have invited educators to write blogs about the use of ndxCards at their institutions – have not had any takers yet. Guess they have enough to do.

I will be writing about design features in ndxCards to help reduce plagiarism in a future post.

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